What can we say? Without you our event wouldn’t be possible. Period.

Your generosity has helped us donate over half a million dollars to local cancer-fighting causes.

To participate in this year’s festival, please take a moment to complete this year’s signup form below and join the fun.

Your participation is what makes our festival possible, and we want to support you in the best way that we can!

For folks not familiar with the festival organizing effort in general, please know that we ask our guest breweries to donate their beer at their own cost. Some festivals can afford to pay — we simply can’t. In fact, no volunteer involved with San Diego Professionals Against Cancer is ever paid one penny. We contract some professional services and we have to pay vendors to rent items for the even such as fencing, power, staging, and to buy ice, event liability insurance, etc. In the end, we are only able to do what we do for local cancer related causes because of the generosity of the brewing community.  Pat yourselves on the back.